Cathedral of All Souls

The Cathedral of All Souls was established in 1896 as a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina, and is today, a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. The Church and Parish Hall were commissioned by George Vanderbilt and designed by Richard Morris Hunt, the architect of Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. The Cathedral is a good demonstration of how much growth and development George Vanderbilt intended to have eventually occur for his Village, sparing no expense to create what is, for episcopal standards, a deluxe model of the Protestant Cathedral.

tour slides15A Cathedral like All Soul’s gives Biltmore Village the distinction of having been a true village and more than its current form; a remarkable shopping destination with world-class food offerings.  George Vanderbilt desired for his ideal city to bloom and so he would need space to people it with customers and shopkeepers.  For this reason Biltmore Village was made, the town of/for the Biltmore house, with its need of a church as an apparent value in the consideration originally of this multifaceted project for the dwelling of a real people. When thinking of the Cathedral of All Souls and its inclusion in Biltmore Village schema, it is clear to see that the Village was meant to be a grand one.

The sense of proprietary nature in the village and its surrounding areas has since somewhat faded, but it has left a lot that remains to appear as a small English Village with American accouterments and a grand Church bearing testimony to its original authenticity and tradition, alongside the up-scale economic fixtures that reinforce the working nature of this area’s intended essence.